Amidst the Lurking II maelstrom, I have found some motivation to do some work on Lurking I. A pending update will say goodbye to some Genesis favs that have remained on the game soundtrack to date and I have written some original pieces to replace them. Additionally, I have dialed down the monster spawn frequency and changed the monster movement mechanic when not in battle so that it is possible to attempt to avoid unwanted encounters. There are a few more things I would like to spruce up so hopefully I will have the opportunity to take care of those soon and post a new build.

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@ oklabsoft -- Where is this updated version (02 Feb 2018)  hosted ?

The download links on this page & the game's main page both lead to v1.4.1 (released: 03 Sep 2017).

Thanks !

Hi! Working on adding more keyboard shortcuts for spell casting and song playing as we speak. Apologies if it sounded like update was already posted. I will try to finish this up and post this evening. Thanks!