Lurking I v3.0

I have been sitting on a newer version of Lurking I that has a larger display and a new tile set (partially borrowed from Lurking II). I decided to put it out there even though I am continuing to work on the game visually and mechanically. One concern is that with the tile change there may be some stairs that indicate the wrong up/down direction. I will be going over these soon but it will not affect game play. Hope you check it out!


Lurking I 42 MB
Feb 26, 2018

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Looks great! The only thing I don't like so much is the font. I love the more "classic" font you use for Lurking II. I think it would fit perfectly to Lurking I too. But that's only my two cents.


Thanks! I concur regarding the font. Unfortunately L1 uses windows fonts (rather than graphical like in L2) so I am stuck using a common one unless I ask the user to install one. I will try to find a solution.

Ah ok, I understand! Well it's only a minor aesthetic thing.