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Lurking is a classic RPG inspired by Ultima III.

  • Classless character creation with modifiable skills.
  • Build a party of up to five characters.
  • Huge (300x300 tile) open world to be explored with nonlinear story progression.
  • Beautiful retro pixel scenery that changes with the seasons.
  • Additional gigantic multi-level underworld with separate town and battle maps.
  • Turn-based combat in the early Ultima style.
  • Hundreds of weapons, armor, and special items.
  • Dozens of magical spells and songs.
  • 40+ hours of game play.
  • A fantasy role playing experience reminiscent of the 2D tile based RPGs of the 1980s.

TRAILER LINK: https://youtu.be/t6dx2SVocWM

PLOT : A mysterious figure has resurrected three ancient rulers of realms from their long, cold slumbers within their barrows. The barrow wights have taken up residence in the ruins of their former keeps and unleashed legions of undead to wreck havoc upon the lands. The denizens of the land have also become emboldened by the growing shadow of evil and despair. In desperation, the Lord Deciper has issued forth a calling for heroes to come to the aid of the people, and to find a way to thrust back the growing darkness and return the barrow wights to their slumber. But, is all as it seems?

Lurking I: Immortui boasts a huge open world role-playing experience with massive exploration, hundreds of NPCs to converse with, hordes of bloodthirsty foes, dozens of secrets, puzzles, and piles of weapons, armor, and special items. Develop your characters by pursuing the skills you desire for them as they gain experience and level up. Play magical bard songs, cast magical spells,  and unravel the mystery of the resurrected barrow wights. No one will guide you through each step. No one will come to your aid in the wild. Accept a challenge that many modern games do not offer and see if you have the wits and perseverance to role-play in the old school style. If you long for the depth of story and challenging quests of the golden era of computer role playing games, Lurking I is for you.


IMPORTANT: Version 4.0+ of this game involved a complete re-coding of the entire game. It offers many improvements over the original including improved battle and the opportunity to provide builds for MAC and LINUX users. However, data files and save games from previous versions are NOT COMPATIBLE with the new version.

***PLEASE**** If you have played this game, take a few minutes to rate it on the site, leave feedback, and post your experience to your friends and colleagues. We spent a lot of hours making it, and hearing your thoughts is what makes it all worthwhile.

SUPPORT/FEEDBACK: oklab.software@gmail.com


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing, Adventure
Made withraylib, Piskel, Audacity
Tags2D, Fantasy, lurking, nox-archaist, raylib, Retro, Top-Down, ultima
Average sessionDays or more
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Lurking I v3.2 [classic VB6 version] 42 MB
Lurking I v4.1 (MACOS) 57 MB
Lurking I: Immortui v4.3 (WIN) 57 MB
Lurking I: Immortui v4.3 (LINUX) 57 MB

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pressing 'y' outside of dialogue accidently teleports you to stormpeak and, unless I'm missing something, softlocks the game (presumably because I don't yet have a boat)

Yikes! Thank you for letting me know. Must have been from testing time and forgot to close it. I will address it. Thank you for playing! Hope you are enjoying the game.

Is there a source code?

Sure. Email me and I can hook you up if interested.

There is an issue with escape danger spell causing Soulbearer to 'disappear'. If it happens to you you will know it do email me or hop on Discord and I will get you fixed up. A patched version is forthcoming. Thanks!

I can't get it to launch, I'm on a Linux machine. When I try plugging it into the terminal it's saying that for line 1, 3 and 5 'command can't be found.' Then when I try plugging the launch.sh files in, line 2 & 4 are getting permission denied and line 5 says no such file or directory exists.

I don't know anything about LINUX but I will see if I can get you an answer. :)

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The only issue that might be the issue is missing some basic linux commands... which confuses me greatly. Ask them to try just launching the Immortui executable? THe launch.sh is just so the .desktop file has the correct icon.

I can't seem to load the Windows 4.1 version, I keep getting error log file generated.

I'm running Windows 10 on hp g series laptop, any ideas or suggestions please?

The classic version  seems to run fine though.

Hi! Thanks for checking out the game. I am at a loss here. I just downloaded a fresh copy from itch and it started up fine (I use Win10 as well). The only thing I can think is that something was corrupted in download although I have never seen that before but maybe try a fresh copy from download. Also, the data/quest files are not interchangeable between the two (just in case you tried that?). Any more info on the error? Thanks and sorry for the frustration. :(

I could send you a copy of the log file if you wish, or do I post it here?

Either is fine. My email is oklab.software@gmail.com. Thanks!

As much as I tried to make v4.0 pristine on release, I've got two people with playthroughs going on right now and there are some bugs showing up... mostly apparent when using adventurer slots above the first 5 slots in the party. I've been addressing all of the bugs as they come up and I will be getting 4.1 out as soon as I can.

Little issue there with v4.0 LINUX version (possibly MAC too for same reason). Should be good now. Let me know if anything else pops up.

Finished the game in five evenings and about ten in-game years. Thank you for an awesome journey! Now into A Madness...

Adoru... Great news and well done! THANK YOU for letting us know... it is always a great day to hear that someone finished the game and enjoyed it. :) Good luck in L2!

Is this title bigger openworld map than lurking II?

Hi there. Nope... L2 is 900x900. L1 is 300x300.

Awesome thanks!

Bugs? hints? support? discussion? suggestions?... drop by the oklabsoft discord...


Finished the game a couple of days ago and really enjoyed it.

Good simple storyline and well balanced with just about the right level of difficulty for me.

I enjoyed making notes and extracting any useful info from the NPCs.

The only slightly annoying thing was an occasional over abundance of enemies when 

exploring some areas even sometimes when talking to NPCs .

Also appreciated the quick response to a couple of queries I had.

Looking  forward to playing the  sequel.

thanks! Appreciate you playing and glad you enjoyed the journey and took the time to let me know. Always love hearing the news that someone has completed the game. :)

I'm nearing the end of this excellent game but the wight in Spiritmire is a problem.

I have spellsinger but it is having no effect - what am I missing?

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Hi! Oh no!? Does a message saying "the aura of V... Recedes." appear when you attack the wight with Spellsinger? If not, has it been changed to Spellsinger+ yet? If so shoot me an email at oklab.software@gmail


Couldn't get a message through to the email address.

Forgot about the enhancement of Spellsinger - should have checked my notes.

After using S+ it seems that I need another mod.

Thinking that I need to find a certain pool that can change dark to light , but searched everywhere with no luck.

Any hint would be much appreciated.

You are correct. The place you are looking for is accessed through Degdamark. Let me know if you need more. :)

I just completed the game, and thoroughly anjoyed it.

One question though - how are you supposed to find Drake Scroll (1)? - I ended up just asking random people about it, and lucked out that I was in the right town, so the fifth person I asked was the right one!

Fabulous news! Thank you for playing and for sharing your victory with us... and well done! 

SPOILER WARNING! : Jareth in Borrealis directs you to one of the town guards who further directs you to the holder of the scroll piece.

Don't celebrate too long. Your services are again needed in Lurking II. :)

Best wishes, -OKLABSOFT

Thanks for that, I feel stupid for missing it - I just never answered 'no' to his question!

I look forward to playing Lurking II!


If you played this game please vote at the above link!!! 

v1.4.1 Should provide you with a properly working auto-map feature that properly saves areas explored by map. The open custom character icon slots should now be usable for custom character icons. Please let me know of any issues. Thank you!

It has come to my attention that the blank character portraits do not load into the game. You can still replace the existing character portraits with custom portraits. If you wish to use the blank portrait slots contact me and I can help you out. Otherwise, as it is a non-critical issue, the fix will be included in the next update. Thanks!

Lurking I v1.4.0 should no longer have any issues with errors which end the game session. The character creator has been updated and you can now use your own custom tiles for characters if you wish. I have begun to implement a map function which works, but not completely as intended yet. Mapped areas do not yet save. You may use it or not as you wish.

Lurking I v1.3.0 is a very important update. If you are playing a previous version please make sure you update to this version. Thanks to all who have played and contacted us with feedback.

A report of occasional errors which end session. Working on it. I put a previous version back up if you experience this and need it. Seems to be only some systems.


Sorry about the Windows only condition. We did get a report of Lurking running nicely in Wine.


Yep, LINUX. :)

My apologies for the keyboard sensitivity issues introduced in v1.2.0. The new version should take care of it.

Suggestion: Remove the roll mechanic. All roll mechanics do is waste the players time. Any dedicated player is just gonna spam roll until they get what they want. I feel it's better to give the player points to allocate as they wish.


thank you. In retrospect I agree. I liked it in wizardry but I do need to remove it or perhaps randomly distribute a set number of points only rather than all random.? Thanks again. Hope you enjoy the game.

Update: I have altered the mechanic in v1.2.0 to prevent this issue.

Lurking I Trailer

I saw a question on another site about what attributes do. I had to go back and look through the code and here is what I found:


- RESIST MONSTER MAGIC ATTACKS (1 part Wisdom + 4 parts Int)



($) All items currently have a weight value but this was never implemented.

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Very solid RPG. The game is rich in content (you'll probably need more than 40 hours to reach the end) and delivers some particularly interesting exploration.

Character creation and customization are free, the world is open and big, the towns and dungeons all provide their dose of unique characters, key items, tool and/or equipement. Inside combat like outside combat you'll be able to cast spells, sing songs and use tools and consumables. The equipement is varied.

Every character you meet will be involved in your quest one way or another, providing you a new item, spell, song, important keyword or hint which will help you in one of the numerous subquests slowly carrying you to the final goal.

The dialog system is well used, you'll need to ask people the good questions in order to progress through the story. Moreover you'll meet a lot of charming characters and it's pleasant to talk with them.

The game is definitely not easy, it doesn't hold your hand, which is part of its charm. However the mandatory puzzles are logical and you'll certainly reach the end if you take the time to visit the world and pay attention to what people say.

Besides the game is polished, there are a lot of secrets and you'll probably not discover all of them. There are also some nice little things like seasons which change over time, which is not only cosmetic since during winter shallow water turns to ice and is easier to distinguish.

Overall it's a very enjoyable game.

Thank you CryptRat! Glad you enjoyed it. This is what we worked so hard for. Thanks for posting.