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Lurking II: A Madness (In Development) from OKLABSOFT

Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Windows


  • Character creation with modifiable skills and attributes.
  • 'Paper Doll' style character representation.
  • Hundreds of items including  clothing, musical instruments, custom forged weapons and armor and various other loot.
  • Dozens of magical spells and songs.
  • Party of up to 5 interchangeable characters.
  • Drop off or pick up PCs during quest at adventurer guilds in towns.
  • Tactical turn-based combat.
  • Vast 900 x 900 tile over-world map.
  • Expansive multi-layer underworld and structure interiors maps.
  • Over 500 individually hand-drawn tiles create a diverse and stunning world.
  • Beautiful and unique retro pixel art style.
  • Nonlinear story progression with completely open world exploration.
  • Hundreds of NPCs with extensive keyword-parsed conversations.
  • 50+ monsters with unique skills, attacks, and behaviors.
  • Plenty of noncritical secrets and hidden areas to find and explore.
  • Engaging original musical score.
  • In-game mapping function.

PLOT: After a short time of peace, the lands are threatened anew by a magical prion known simply as "The Madness" which has been spreading among the people and turning them to evil. Your party of adventurers sets out to discover the source of the infection and to find a remedy if they are able.



Download Lurking I for FREE now on Itch.io: Lurking I

Your donations for Lurking I go straight to Lurking II development. Please  consider a donation of any size to help support this and future projects. Thanks!  ********************************************************************************************


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