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Lurking II: A Madness from OKLABSOFT


Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Windows


  • Character creation with modifiable skills and attributes.
  • 'Paper Doll' style character representation.
  • Hundreds of items including  clothing, musical instruments, custom forged weapons and armor and various other loot.
  • Dozens of magical spells and songs.
  • Party of up to 5 interchangeable characters.
  • Drop off or pick up PCs during quest at adventurer guilds in towns.
  • Tactical turn-based combat.
  • Vast 900 x 900 tile over-world map.
  • Expansive multi-layer underworld and structure interiors maps.
  • Over 500 individually hand-drawn tiles create a diverse and stunning world.
  • Beautiful and unique retro pixel art style.
  • Nonlinear story progression with completely open world exploration.
  • Hundreds of NPCs with extensive keyword-parsed conversations.
  • 50+ monsters with unique skills, attacks, and behaviors.
  • Plenty of noncritical secrets and hidden areas to find and explore.
  • Engaging original musical score.
  • In-game mapping function.

PLOT: After a short time of peace, the lands are threatened anew by a magical prion known simply as "The Madness" which has been spreading among the people and turning them to evil. Your party of adventurers sets out to discover the source of the infection and to find a remedy if they are able.


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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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L2 b03.24.18_DEMO.zip 36 MB
L2 Manual 1ed.zip 94 kB

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Good game i love it a lot I like the combat too I can't find reagants tho

Glad you are liking L2 so far. Some of the reagents needed to learn spells are somewhat difficult to track down. Best bet is to take note of who the teacher is (and where they are) and what he or she requires of you. As you travel about and talk to others you will likely find more information to track some of them down. If you want to keep a notepad open for journaling, ctrl-m is a handy way to hide/show the game from within your quest. Of course, if you become frustrated and need a hint just email and my brother or I will get you back on track. :)

Hello i'm thinking of grabbing this game, do i get to play the beta if i buy it? Also is it out soon for 1.0? I'm very interested in this game it looks amazing and I love oldschoolness of it

Hi. Yes, absolutely, and the beta is in a finished state. Just tweaking for release now. Thank you!

Awesome thanks we talked a bit through emails :) Great game I will need to check out the manual and also tell about my oldschool friends

Is there any way to learn spells in first town? I managed to learn songs but not spells, thanks!

spells can only be learned after bringing a requested reagent to the teacher. Characters who begin with a magic skill of 4 or 5 are able to use a ranged magic attack in battle as long as they have no weapon equipped (or a staff equipped). Good luck! :)

Thanks :D

Hey guys, I'm very excited for this game. 

Is there any way to pay to get access to pre-release builds, now that the game is feature complete?

Thank you! This is wonderful to hear. We had not yet discussed an early access option but I will make sure that we do and let you know soon. 

We will finish up a few things we are working on and post an early access build. The build will be be designated as alpha but the game is quite stable (at least on the systems we have tested it on).

Awesome! I am also in the codex thread you post in, so if you want to use the Codex to organise getting early players and shit like the other user suggested I will contribute feedback in that thread! How much will early access be?

That would be fantastic. Thank you! As far as price goes, we are a bit unsure but were thinking $10.00 from EA through to the bitter end. :)

Lurking II: A Madness is now complete. We are currently playing through the game, fixing any bugs that present, and balancing combat, economics, music, and magic systems.

Lurking II: A Madness is roughly 90% completed. We hope to finish, test, and have select alpha testers playing by the end of February.

L2 Music Sample