A few notes...

I expect to update again on 2/17. Some great feedback from one player who is about halfway through. He has pointed out a few things:

1. Economy is rough. We are upping the gold received in battle now and (later but soon) going to plant more loot at the game start.

2. Continent hopping: we will lower the price of the ferry... In later game this becomes a non-issue.

3. In this update we will make it easier to advance in skills at the review board.

4. Some spell teachers and other NPC interactions have been fixed and/or made more obvious.

5. There were several other items that will be addressed asap.

Thanks to all who are playing early access. Remember that your input and feedback is critical to fine tuning Lurking II and please contact us if you hit what seems to be a dead end in play or have some advice on improvements.



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